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You have a vision for your firm, but you are not sure how to get there. Been there. Done that. And still going! Now we're also sharing our resources to help firms like you transform from high-volume to high-value services. 

Doing more with less

At DBA, we transformed a legacy tax preparation firm with over 2,000 annual client relationships into a high-value advisory firm with only 150 client family relationships and higher annual revenue.

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#1 Challenge Firms Face

Burnout from juggling too many client relationships and projects, strict deadlines, and pouring your time and expertise into commodities, like tax returns, that are not valued by most clients.

There's not enough time

Most accounting firm owners are knee-deep in preparing compliance requirements like complex tax returns and other commodities which clients only value because they are required by the government or a financial institution. You know that you could offer more value to your clients through business and tax planning, but struggle to find the time on your calendar to offer the meeting let alone prepare for it.


Too many relationships

Honestly, can you even call them "relationships" when you only hear from your clients once or twice a year, and you are trying to keep up with hundreds or even thousands of them at a time? Your clients expect your advice and the resulting financial benefits.  You know with fewer client relationships, you could really bring value to your clients through your experience and expertise, but what about the revenue you'd lose?


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Featured Resource

Team of 3 Org Chart

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Our org chart clearly defines the roles of each team member to prevent confusion and ensure everyone knows their specific areas of ownership.



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Our org chart serves as a foundation for expansion. New roles can be added and integrated seamlessly, as the chart provides a visual framework for how the team can evolve.


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Team members can see potential career growth paths within the organization.


Compact Card (11)

Clearly defined reporting relationships make it easier to hold team members accountable and improve productivity and culture.

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