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Small business owners have their own story with finance. But it doesn't have to be about jumping through hoops to make it work with their goals in life. That's why we created Dillon Business Advisors.

There are high financial commitments to running a business—financing resources, paying employees or vendors, understanding the numbers, and staying compliant. Business ownership is overwhelmingly stressful, but no one should have to sacrifice their passion or priorities.

Our firm was founded when Marcus Dillon realized a significant opportunity to solve this problem in the industry. With a team he calls family, he hit the ground running to move away from the traditional framework of accounting and into an engaging, people-first approach to financial stability.

Today, Dillon Business Advisors work with overwhelmed small businesses to deliver growth-minded process and infrastructure. No more living in a reactive state with messy financials. We believe everyone should have financial and time freedom.

We continue to grow and thrive because we're the only ones to equip small businesses with a fractional team of three financial executives — a CFO, a Controller, and a Client Service Manager — who together gives you unparalleled support, responsiveness, and financial knowledge.

For us, there is a great sense of honor and fulfillment in our work when we're building great relationships and helping you succeed. We view ourselves as an extension of your organization and take the time to understand your business, your team, and your long-term goals.

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