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Here to solve for the Past, the Present, and the Future, so you can live beyond the numbers

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You don't need to act like accounting experts anymore- that's what we do.

Are you tired of consistently reacting to messy, unorganized financials rather than proactively planning for your financial future?

The truth is that your next level of financial success is unachievable without the right infrastructure and processes in place. That’s why we equip you with a dedicated Team of 3 financial experts to establish a forward-thinking business strategy and provide the financial services needed to reach those goals.

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Accounting challenges that need solving.

Accounting challenges come in all shapes and sizes. Many of these are similar from company to company and we understand what you are facing. 

You may not fit in any of these buckets, even better. We love a challenge.

Are we a fit?

Do You Have Singular Focus

Looking for just a CPA, or just a CFO? We take a comprehensive approach to all your financials and future strategy. Isolating your focus to either the past, present, or future limits your growth potential. 

Type of Business

Our Team are all A players, and we excel with certain types of businesses and niches. Healthcare professionals such as Endodontists, Dermatologists, Orthopedics, Veterinarians. We also excel with professional service providers, Agencies, Consultancies, and Trade Services 

Size of Business

Our team of 3 is a fraction of the cost of a full time employee. Our goal is to bring financial and time freedom without adding financial stress. Where this makes the most sense for businesses and our fees is between 2-10 M

Our Process


Step 1- Initial Meeting

It's difficult to make recommendations without first knowing your unique situation. Spend 45 minutes with us as we learn about you and you about us. 

Schedule a time

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Weeks 2-3

Step 2: Business Analysis

We walk through in detail via screen share, your financials and your circumstances, so we can identify gaps and recommend the best course of action. 

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Weeks 2-3
Weeks 4-8

Step 3: Implementation

Following our recommendations and your decision to work with DBA, we get you scheduled for your implementation kickoff with your assigned Team of 3 and Implementation Manager. 

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Weeks 4-8
Week 8

Step 4: Team of 3

Once your 4-week Implementation is complete, you are officially handed off to your Team of 3.  Your CSM, Controller and CFO will set up their cadences with you. 

Meet the Team

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Week 8

Step 5: CFO Touchpoints

Depending on the recommended package unique to your situation, your CFO will set up, monthly, quarterly, or annual meetings with you.

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Accounting and Advisory Services

Comprehensive accounting services, from high-level business strategy to tactical execution.


We run the numbers so you can run your business.

A Team of Trusted Advisors

You don't have to go about the journey alone. We are truly our clients most trusted advisor. Whether its making sure each transaction is coded or you need advice on what and when to buy an assets, our team will be there to guide you in the right direction.  

Wealth Beyond Work

Are the monotonous, time-consuming financial tasks of business ownership robbing you of your passion? Do you find yourself working late hours and weekends after your patient or client care just to manage finances? We’re here to help you get your time back without worrying about your financial standing.

Future-Forward Planning

Whether you’re ready to retire within the next few years or want to set you and your business up for success early, we’re here to help you plan for the future. Get ahead of succession planning, protect your assets, and make sure your business is ready for its next stage every step of the way.

"Dillon has helped me reach my goals by allowing me to focus on what I do best — running my office."
Dr- Chris Schmidt
Dr. Chris Schmidt

Owner, Thrive Chiropractic

"It's just been really easy to transition once the systems are in place, it's just really seamless."
Dr. McKaskle

McKaskle Family Dentistry

"They're [Dillon] doing the hard work that normally would fall on a business owners' shoulders. They're amazing, we recommend them to anyone starting a clinic."
Darleen Nath-1
Dr. Darleen Nath

Lakeside Veterinary Care

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