The Power of 3 Financial Experts

Introducing the Team of 3 where your Past, Present, and Future financial health are prioritized.

Your Dedicated Team of 3

3 Experts for a fraction of the cost of one full-time employee. Our Team of 3 works with you across your entire financial engine, bringing holistic data to grow your business.

Team of 3 Industry Spotlights


Less cost

3 of our experts on average cost 70% less than hiring just 1 full-time employee internally. Avoid training costs, salary, & benefits.

24 hour

Response Time

Our team responds quickly to your requests and questions. You shouldn't have to wait for days/ weeks to hear from your advisors.


NPS Rating

We survey our clients quarterly and compile the results to generate our NPS and satisfaction rate. Let our clients do the talking.

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What are our Clients saying about the Team of 3?

“Love the communication, love the reports. I've never felt so empowered when it came to my income and taxes.”
Matt Schomburg
State Farm Agent
“Great team. Extremely organized and they take care of everything imaginable accounting wise.”
Brian Williams
Owner at Cinco Meadows Dental
“The work and help they have given us made it so much easier to run our business which can be difficult at times.”
Brian Ballard
Founder, Apex Pools

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